Boost for Isle of Wight Learners

POA Learning on the Isle of Wight are delighted to announce that with thanks to the generosity of local Councillor, Vanessa Churchman they are able to offer three Islanders the opportunity to complete their level 2 functional skills in  English or Mathematics.

Councillor Churchman, who represents the Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands ward on the island has agreed to fund the learners through their qualification. She is an advocate of POA Learning, keeping up to date with POA Learnings newsletters and activities and believes in providing opportunities and education to local people.

Dave Logan, Centre Manager said “I am incredibly grateful to Councillor Churchman for her very generous offer, which came out of the blue.”

Confirming the offer will go to good use, he continued “I hope that this will allow us to provide some vital learning to people who otherwise might not have had the opportunity. I am pleased that we are continuing to teach in this difficult time and I appreciate Councillor Churchman’s offer to help with this it may make a real difference to somebody.”

POA Learning continue to offer learning opportunities and have a number of free, online courses available on their website at as well as the functional skills in Mathematics and English, please contact us for further details.