Bembridge Little Theatre Club raises the roof with laughter

By Press Release Jul 20, 2021

The old saying that you can measure a play by the audience’s reaction rang true at the end of the Bembridge Little Theatre Club’s comedy ‘Full Circle’.

There were plenty of laughs as live audiences were finally able to enjoy three performances of the Janet Shaw play in the village hall.

Despite the audiences still being restricted to 30, the comedy drama was well received and they appreciated the chance to finally watch some live entertainment again.

Full Circle explores family issues spanning four decades. Dee (Martie Cain) and Millie (Glenys Lloyd-Williams) hadn’t spoken since 1969 and no one knows why. But their children, Linda (Jane Robert) and Brian (John Hammond), met and married, so it became impossible to dodge the inevitable colourful confrontations.

The action is set during the week of their only granddaughter’s wedding, Nicola (Alice Burton-Jones) to Graham (John Molyneux). Fussy Linda is planning it with military precision to give Nicola the wedding she felt she never had, much to Brian’s horror – and he takes to the bottle as the bills mount up.
As the best-laid plans spiral out of control, a dark past is resurrected with the help of neighbour, the flamboyant Wills, played by John Abraham, who steals the show.

Who was the mysterious Jack? And why did Dee give birth in Carlisle?
The play was directed by Barry Aspinall and the cast pulled together in a team effort to make it such an enjoyable success.

Bembridge Little Theatre Club’s next production, summer pantomime A Bard in the Hand by Maureen Sullivan, will take place at the Village Hall from August 12-14. William Shakespeare is lodging with Dame Barnet, a wig-maker. But he is stoney broke, has no ideas for a new play….and there is a play thief on the loose. Can his old friend, Kit Marlowe (007), help? Add in a pair of star-crossed lovers, a would-be standup comedian and a man-eating next-door neighbour and you have a recipe for lots of bard-related fun.

If you just need to relax after a hard Covid-affected year, go along and enjoy the laughter and the fun.