Become a Bayologist for free!

There is the opportunity to go along to Dinosaur Isle on Sunday (Oct 13) and become a Bayologist for free. To celebrate National Biology and Earth Science Week the Bay science team at Arc, Artecology and the National Poo Museum, are holding a free workshop for all the family as part of the Discovery Bay project.

Visitors can explore 100 million years of Sandown Bay wildlife from ammonites and iguanodons to cuttlefish and goldeneye. There will be lots of hands-on ways to learn more about science and local wildlife upstairs at Dinosaur Isle in Sandown. You will be able to use powerful microscopes, sieve for life in the soil, fire up the mighty bug hoover, dip for pondlife and fill up the wildlife aquarium, and if that’s not enough you can marvel at the mole-in-a-jar.

Ian Boyd from the museum said: “Sandown Bay’s coastal waters are marine protected areas, the towering sand and chalk cliffs and ancient woodlands are Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and its marshes and wetlands are Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. Add to these accolades the nationally important Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designations that frame its setting and its extraordinarily rich environment, for wildlife and for people, and now all recognised by this year’s brilliant UNESCO Biosphere designation.”

The session runs from 10.30am to 4pm. Entry to the education room is free but normal pricing applies for entry to Dinosaur Isle Museum.