Yarmouth’s new toilets delivered

By Chris Cornford Jan 24, 2021

These are the first pictures of the new Yarmouth toilets being delivered and set-up on the High Street, opposite The Common.

The £160,000 toilets, built on The Common and in Bridge Street by the bus station, have been delivered by Swedish company Danfo, who have helped other parish, town and community councils on the Island.

The High Street’s existing structure has been demolished and replaced with a pre-fabricated building, with the plumbing still to be installed. Instead of the previous cubicles, there will be one disabled toilet, with baby-changing facilities, which will be free to use, and one unisex cubicle which will be pay-to-use.

On Bridge Street, the existing cubicles will be converted to unisex ones, eliminating the male entrance, which will become a store room.
The toilets on Yarmouth Pier are owned by the Harbour Commissioners and will be unaffected.