Trust launches ‘Where Best Next’ Campaign

By IW Galleries Feb 17, 2020

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has launched a new initiative ‘where best next’ to help ensure its patients are discharged from hospital in a safe, appropriate and timely way.

There is lots of evidence to show patients recover better at home once their hospital treatment is complete. Some 35% of patients over the age of 70 years old cope less well with daily activities during hospital admission compared to how they felt before they became unwell. Prompt discharge from hospital to home contributes to a speedy recovery and reduces the risk of hospital associated infections, which has become an increasing problem.

Dr Mark Connaughton, Consultant Cardiologist, said “where best next encourages you and your family to discuss at an early stage the plans for your care once you leave hospital.

“All the healthcare professionals looking after you will contribute to these plans and for almost everyone the discharge plan will work on the basis that “home first” is the best option.”

“Your needs may best be assessed in your own home, and your hospital staff will arrange this if required. We recognise that there will be a few people that will not be able to go home in the first instance and may need alternative care in the community.”

“Where best next should allow earlier and safer discharge from hospital for you, and should contribute to a speedier and more complete recovery.”