Shanlkin cliff falls continue to disrupt

By Chris Cornford Dec 16, 2020

Shanklin’s cliff path has continued to suffer from minor and major cliff falls, after a summer of serious slippages and closed footpaths which have caused problems for local businesses and affected services to residents and visitors.

A history of landslips at Luccombe resulted in a number of incidents earlier in the year, with emergency services being involved, and causing the long-term closure of Luccombe steps.
Recent months have seen furher significant falls on the cliff path near the Hideaway Cafe and Hope Road (currently partly closed). Osborne Steps have regularly been out of action with subsidence of the revetment at Little Hope Beach; Rylstone steps near the Crab; and more recently to the steps at Rylstone , Chine Bluff, and Littlestairs.

Local businesses and the town council continue to highlight the financial damage being caused to to businesses, exacerbated by the Covid related closure of the cliff lift, reduced bus services, and public access restricted on roads and footpaths.

The town council led campaigns in 2014 and 2016 that secured a £1 million upgrade to the Cliff Lift, and investment worth up to £6 million to local bathing waters, which included work on the cliff and utility services.