MP praises voluntary sector response

MP Bob Seely has paid tribute to the voluntary and community sector for its response in ensuring the most vulnerable are cared for during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Bob said he was talking daily with representatives from the voluntary and community sector to find out what they are doing to help vulnerable people and to find out what support they need from the government.

Bob said: “The voluntary sector provides a really important role in making sure people are getting the help they need. The whole community has really come together – as we often see on the Island. 

He said the IW Council was establishing a list of vulnerable people who needed help and Community Action IW were matching volunteers with organisations who needed help to manage the demand.

Citizens Advice IW had also been working with the IW Council and were particularly focussed on helping those struggling with debt and employment issues arising from the current situation.

“I am thankful for all the work the voluntary and community sector is doing, including town and parish councils, and the proactive partnership approach they are taking to help Islanders. I will be volunteering myself to help out where I can.”

Chief Executive of Age UK IW, Jo Dare, said: “We are very much working in partnership with the IW Council and Community Action IW on a joined up response and we are currently restructuring our workforce so that we can be as responsive as possible.

“We are looking to provide support with things like welfare checks, shopping and pet care.”

Bob said: “I was assured by the government that a package of support for the voluntary sector is coming forward soon. I welcome this. The voluntary sector needs government support to continue their valuable work.”