Men In sheds celebrate new home in Totland

MEMBERS of West Wight Men In Sheds are celebrating — having been given a new home by Totland Parish Council.

The group that used to meet in an old maintenance shed on Totland Turf Walk. Have just received backing from Totland Parish Council. With a ten-year lease of the old changing rooms on Totland recreation ground.

Now West Wight Men In Sheds needs your HELP. They need help converting the changing rooms, into a workshop and rest area. They are looking for companies to either sponsor them or help with the building work.

There are over 1,300 retired men living in the West Wight Area. Many of them find themselves isolated through remoteness from family members, sickness or the loss of a partner — and are in need of some company. With their new home, West Wight Men In Sheds can help more local men by opening initially three days a week.

Group activities vary depending on members such as joinery, furniture renovation, metal work, model making and Upcycling. Chairman David Waldock said: “Once the work is complete, we can begin developing our activities for the benefit of everyone in the community.”

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