Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate steps down

Nick Belfitt has informed the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats that he is standing down as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate to allow for a full selection procedure before the next election.

Nick Stuart, Chair of the IW Liberal Democrats said, “As former Party Chair and MP candidate he has been a stalwart of Liberalism that has such a strong history on the Isle of Wight. He will remain on the Executive as a key part of the team, in spite of his heavy workload as a new teacher, and we welcome his continued involvement and passion.”

Nicholas’ efforts in overcoming disability were recently recognised by the High Sheriff and as the youngest Parliamentary Candidate on the Island the Party acknowledged Nicholas’ courage and conviction to stand for local and national office.

He also wrote a UK Island’s policy, agreed by the National Party, that formed the basis of Conservative MP Bob Seely’s cross-party Working Committee ‘UK Island Groups’ which sees regular debates in Parliament.

Nick Stuart said after Nicholas’ efforts, “The Party now has a strong Island membership and a dedicated core of activists, together with Councillors led by Cllr Andrew Garratt and long term Councillor Reg Barry BEM.

“It is building a momentum on the Island, which supports the fairness agenda and offers a distinct local voice that other parties often neglect, with sensible approaches to housing, the NHS, education and Island businesses and a renewed focus on distinct Island problems and possibilities.”

He added, “We salute the efforts of Nicholas, and welcome other young members like him.”

In statement on stepping down, Nicholas said, “I joined the Executive at a time when there were only two regular Officers. Together we rebuilt the Party on the Island and I am proud to be part of an active and social group.

“I have stepped down to allow for a fair and democratic selection procedure, which I fully believe will select the most suitable candidate. I have rebuilt the foundations of a strong and modern party, which focuses on the Island’s needs.

“I would like to thank my members for their courage and conviction in supporting me during last year’s election campaign, and I look forward to continue working for them as an Executive Officer on the Committee.”

Nicholas Belfitt is the youngest ever candidate to stand on the Island, being 23 at the time of the election.