John Deere ride-on mower worth over £3000 stolen

A piece of machinery worth over £3000 has been stolen from an East Wight address.

A green X300 John Deere ride-on mower was stolen from private property during nighttime hours on Sunday (July 29).

Police are appealing for information or witnesses that could help find the offenders and recover the stolen mower.

This particular ride-on had a flat tyre and “would have taken a considerable amount of effort” to take it while remaining undetected.

The mower usually retails for around £3600 and was stolen from the Whiteley Bank area.

The missing X300 John Deere – Credit: Facebook

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabluary said: “Between Sunday (July 29) and Monday (July 30) persons unknown have stolen a green X300 John Deere ride-on mower from an address in the Whiteley Bank area.

“The vehicle was parked on private property and was stolen some time overnight or in the early hours of the morning. The vehicle concerned had a flat tyre and it would have taken a considerable amount of effort on the offenders part to remove the vehicle undetected.”

A new John deere X300 – 42 deck-500×500 – Courtesy of John Deere

Police are appealing for any witnesses or information that could help identify the offenders.

Please telephone 101 and quote 44180287333 as a crime reference number or email PCSO Stephen Oatley at