‘It would have been carnage’: Another rider reports a slip on Island Roads

Another horse rider has reported a slip on a resurfaced road. 

Nicci Parris, a bus driver from Wroxall slipped from her horse, Odd, at 12.15pm on Thursday (August 23).

Miss Parris’s right hand was injured in the incident and the hospital “couldn’t believe” there were no definite breaks – the injury is being treated as a hairline fracture.

The 38-year-old has had two weeks off work to heal after the slip and claims she has lost earnings.

She was riding along Merstone Lane on the red tarmacked section marked “slow” coming from Bohemia Corner towards the bridleway.

Her horse, Odd, is “covered in cuts and bruises” and receiving veterinary care.

Odd’s injured leg

Odd isn’t fitted with road nails or studs as Miss Pariss found it “made very little difference” on the road but caused Odd to slip on the grass and caused her to fall several times during canter exercises off road where she prefers to ride.

She described the incident when Odd slipped from under her.

“I was literally saying to my friend that was riding with me,” explained Miss Parris. “‘We’ve got cars behind, but I’m not going to trot because I think it will be slippery. We seem to be okay at a walk so I’m playing it safe.’

“We got on the red tarmac and hit the floor. It was instant, no warning, all four feet went from underneath him – we hit the deck.”

Nicci Parris and Odd (L)

Odd landed on his right side and on Miss Parris’ leg, she said she placed her right hand on the ground to push herself up and off Odd. He stood on her right hand as he got up.

“It could easily have been worse,” she added. “My hand could have been broken, the hospital were amazed it wasn’t. They couldn’t believe they weren’t seeing definite breaks in it.

“If a bus had come around that blind bend, it would have been carnage. My horse has gotten a lot better with big vehicles, but with that happening the bus would have been on top of us before we could do anything.

“[Island Roads should] change the surface they’re using to one that’s actually suitable – that would be the best outcome. It all boils down to money.”

One of Odd’s injuries

This incident comes after Jodie Long slipped from her horse Harry on a resurfaced road in Porchfield, claiming she “could have a broken pelvis” and was lucky to escape with only a cut elbow on July 23.

An Island Roads spokesman said: “We were sorry to hear about Nicci Parris’s recent experience. We have been provided with the details relating to this incident and we are arranging for this section of road to be tested to ensure the level of skid resistance meets UK Highway specifications.”