Island places, people, and literary connections

Freshwater Bay digital infra-red

Photographer John Bradshaw explores remarkable people, where they lived, and also literary connections associated with the Island.

His exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 4pm until the end of the year, at Dimbola Museums & Galleries in Freshwater Bay. People and places include Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Osborne House, Julia Margaret Cameron at Dimbola, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, at Farringford, amongst others. For the literary connections, quotations by Tennyson, Cameron, John Keats, Longfellow, W H Auden and others provide relevant links to the images. The wartime PLUTO project and Sir Winston Churchill’s tribute are also included, together with some infra-red landscape images.

All images have been produced digitally and include some replicas of 19th-century early printing techniques.