Dropped kerb needed for mobility scooter user

By Carole Dennett Sep 30, 2020
John Jarvis with his friend and carer Anne Mortimer and their two Scotties Daylan and Thomas.

A disabled Gunville man claims he is taking his life into his own hands every time he wants to go the shops because there is no access to a dropped curb for him.

John Jarvis, 88, is unable to walk very far following a series of operations on his legs and relies on his mobility scooter to get him to and from local shops. He explained: “I can’t get across the road from my drive onto Spring Walk because there is no dropped curb.

“This means I have to drive about 200 yards along a busy narrow main road towards Carisbrooke. There are cars parked on one side and fast-moving traffic approaching me from a blind bend. It’s extremely dangerous, I have cars backing up behind me and it’s very intimidating. I feel like I’m taking my life into my own hands every time I want to get some shopping.

“All I am asking Island Roads and the Council to do is install a simple drop kerb in Spring Walk and that would allow me to take my two West Highland Terriers, Dylan and Thomas, for a walk and enable me to get out and about safely.”

He added that he had contacted both organisations but had heard nothing from them.

IW Council and Island Roads issued joint statement saying: “Island Roads and the Isle of Wight Council are continually looking at ways to improve accessibility. For example, around 20 new dropped kerbs with tactile paving have been installed by Island Roads across the network this year alone.

“However, requests for new dropped kerbs must be assessed and delivered according to available IW Council budget and priority is given to those which deliver the greatest safety and accessibility benefits.

“We have recorded Mr Jarvis’ request which will be assessed against these criteria. We have contacted Mr Jarvis to explain this process to him.”