12-hour hula hoop marathon

A teaching assistant from Wroxall Primary School has held a 12 hour hula hooping fundraiser to help raise money for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Mountbatten Hospice.

Tania 30, from Sandown, who has been shielding throughout the pandemic, wanted to give something back to the NHS after undergoing several years of treatment. Taking inspiration from Capt. Tom Moore’s efforts she decided to do something that she enjoys but would find a challenge to help raise funds:

“The NHS is without a doubt massively important not only during this pandemic but always. Over 10 years ago they actually saved my life. I had a rare condition called ‘Wandering Spleen’, this is basically where my spleen had twisted and fallen down into the wrong place I am so grateful for everything the NHS and the incredible people working in it have done, not only for my life but also my family. Without them I certainly wouldn’t be here today and this is my way of giving back and saying thank you for all their hard work and dedication.”

Tania kicked off her hula hooping at 12noon at Newclose County Cricket Ground with mum Nikki cheering her on.

The event was also live streamed on Facebook which meant that friends, family and pupils from Wroxall Primary School were able to send messages of support to keep Tania going.

“It was lovely to see that the parents and the children were cheering me on. It really helped me get through those points where I needed a bit of a boost to keep me going.”

With an original target of £500 for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and £100 for Mountbatten Hospice Tania has smashed her goal, raising over £1,000 for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and £500 for Mountbatten Hospice.

After her 12 hour stint finishing at midnight Tania enjoyed a well-earned rest and spent the next day recovering on her hammock in the garden.