Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

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Testing held up after soldiers miss the boat!

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We've all done it at one time or another - but you don't expect the army to miss the ferry!

There was chaos and confusion earlier today at the Isle of Wight coronavirus testing centre when some people who had booked an appointment to be tested for COVID-19 were turned away, and told to return tomorrow. 

Several of those due to be tested took to social media to explain they had arrived at the Medina College site as instructed, only to be waved away, and told the military personnel who were due to carry out the testing had not arrived on time.

One social media post included: “Covid 19 test booked for 9.30am. Had a call from test centre at 9am saying army running late so appointment moved to 10.30am. Get all the way there, some woman waving cars through….in direction of exit to car park only to be told at exit that Army missed ferry so won’t be there til 12 noon. (Told to)… Come back tomorrow!What a joke! Fuming!”

It is understood the soldiers due to man the testing centre missed the ferry from Portsmouth causing the delay. A spokesperson for IW Council later confirmed: “Due to unforeseen logistical issues the testing facility arrived later than anticipated on the Island today, but is now up and running (from 12.15pm). All those booked to have appointments this morning (April 29) have been rearranged to ensure testing takes place.”