Saturday fight night in Newport and Ryde

By Chris Cornford Dec 14, 2020

The custody centre in Newport was described as the busiest in Hampshire on Saturday night following a spate of public order incidents in Ryde and Newport.
There was a spate of drunk and disorderly in Newport, as well as two males from Portsmouth who were arrested for fighting.

A Police spokesman said: “The majority of our night has been spent dealing with drunken disorder in Newport and Ryde.
“We have had numerous public order incidents in Newport tonight. I have dealt with some drunken juveniles and also drunken adults who have no idea where they live and the late and night shifts have made several arrests around the public order issues in the town. Two males from Portsmouth are currently in our custody following a fight in the town centre and several Covid breaches.

“Our custody centre is currently the busiest in Hampshire as we have individuals in for public order, Covid breaches, breaches of various court orders and domestic assault.
“We appreciate everyone wants to enjoy the Island’s Tier One freedom but please be responsible if you are out.”