Rider abused and endangered on Smallbrook Lane

Another horse rider has written about a terrifying experience she experienced while out riding on Island roads.

Lizzie Smith, 33, from Ryde, was riding her four-year-old cob, Wallace, for the first time on its own, along Smallbrook Lane, near Ryde, on Monday (December 16), when she had two near misses with speeding cars.

Lizzie wrote: “A car came flying round the corner, screeched on the road, almost hitting Sarah (her companion) who was behind us.

“Then, another car came up behind the first one way too fast, slammed the brakes on and slid right round the corner across the other side of the road.”

Lizzie claimed the reckless driving of the second car had almost led to a collision with the first and a head-on collision with a second on the other side of the road.

She added that when she told the drivers to “slow down” further along the road, she was subjected to a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse. She further claimed that one of the drivers had screamed, “your f***ing horse shouldn’t be on the f***ing road”, while overtaking.

Lizzie had no idea how accident or injury had been averted during the incident.

Unfortunately, she did not record the number plates of the drivers in question.

Fortunately, her horse, Wallace, remained calm and unperturbed by the mayhem around him.

Lizzie states that she is “sick to death” of impatient drivers who show scant respect towards horses on highways. She strongly urges drivers to slow down when approaching a horse.