Hovertravel helps to improve accessibility for all

Hovertravel has become a supporter of Euan’s Guide. This website which features accessibility reviews from people of reduced mobility and aims to empower all by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about.

Neil Chapman, managing director of Hovertravel, explains: “When we launched our HoverCare initiative last year, Euan’s Guide was extremely helpful in providing advice and expertise.

We wanted to return the favour by providing a small measure of financial support. With Euan’s Guide you can search and get ideas and inspiration for new accessible places to visit and once you’ve been, you can give your feedback, so helping millions of future visitors.”

Euan’s Guide is an alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and, most importantly, removes the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting somewhere for the first time. As well as tourism and entertainment venues, Euan’s Guide feature accessibility reviews of any place visited as part of everyday life such as supermarkets, restaurants, railway stations and many more places.

Users can rate areas such as transport & parking, toilets, staff and upload photos to help describe their experience to others.