Hampshire businesses take flight on a hovercraft

Hovertravel partnered with The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce to organise a hovercraft themed event for chamber members.

Starting with the opportunity to experience a flight on the world’s only passenger hovercraft service and including a visit to world’s only hovercraft museum, members were given an opportunity to see both the history and future of this innovative form of transport.

“Hovertravel has linked the two communities of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth for half a century,” explains Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel,” We are a showcase for the latest developments in hovercraft technology and with 70 plus crossings a day, our craft are used by tourists, commuters and business travellers. This visit by the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce gave us the chance to show off the speed, comfort and flexibility of our current operation, as well as placing our business in the context of the history of hovercraft.”

The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce helps businesses become more successful by providing businesses in Hampshire with networking opportunities, business support and advice as well as a great range of products and services. This is a membership organisation, owned and managed by local businesses.

Founded 1987 as a registered charity, the Hovercraft Museum Trust is the world’s greatest collection of hovercraft archive, film, and historic craft, dating back to John Thonycroft’s 1870 air lubricated boat models and the then Dr. Cockerell’s 1955 annular jet experiments.