Sixth national ‘Catch the Bus Week’ starts today

Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th July marks the sixth national Catch the Bus Week – a shared initiative to raise awareness of local bus services up and down the country.

Using the bus is a great way to get to your destination, whether that be for work, school, college, university, visiting friends and family or even just a great day out.

Catching the bus is not only a great personal choice – saving you time, stress and money, on top of that it’s one of the more environmentally friendly transport options.

Buses are integral to communities across the UK and are the most widely-used mode of public transport. They carry millions of people to work and school every day, provide vital access to town centres and keep our roads moving, with resulting benefits for local air quality. But despite their major contribution to the economy, to the environment, and to our society, they can be easily overlooked.

Five billion bus journeys are made annually within Great Britain, with one billion of those being purely for work and commuting. By switching just one more car journey to bus each month, we can remove one billion car journeys from our roads which would result in a reduction of two million tonnes of CO2.

Catch the Bus Week is the chance to celebrate the bus, and open more people’s eyes to the fantastic benefits of bus travel. We will be doing our bit in demonstrating that the bus is for everyone, and helping the public understand how buses can help tackle problems like air pollution and congestion by keeping our Facebook and Twitter feeds up to date over the week with lots of great reasons to catch the bus!