Emotional rideout in memory of Louie

By IW Observer.co.uk May 29, 2022
pic: Michelle Jackson Photography

Nearly 100 motorbikes, trikes and scooters took part in an emotional rideout to celebrate what would have been the 13th birthday of a Newport youngster.

The rideout was organised by Kenny Carr and Ami Blackburn, the mother of Louie, who passed away two years ago.

Ami said: “We couldn’t get the numbers to give him the send-off he deserved at the time because of the pandemic.

“Louie passed away in January 2021, due to respiratory failure. He suffered a brain bleed at just weeks old and struggled his whole life with various disabilities, none of which, we thought, would dramatically shorten his life to only 11 years.

“He battled so hard during the last four months of his life until it was only medications and machines keeping him alive. But the noise of a motorbike always put a smile on his face, the louder the better, so we wanted to get as many bikes, trikes and scooters as possible to have a ride in his honour on his birthday.

“We had so many turn up, it was amazing but very emotional. There has been discussions between myself and Louie’s stepdad, Kenny, about making it an annual ride out in memory of our boy.”

One of the riders, Martin Baldwin, who helped with the care of Louie in the last six months of his life, rode with a photo of Louie on his bike.

The rideout started and finished at the Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, and the circular route took in Wootton, Sandown, Shanklin and Godshill.