Council Leader praises community in responding to Covid-19 crisis

By Carole Dennett Jun 15, 2020

The Leader of the Isle of Wight Council has responded to a report that highlights the Isle of Wight as one of two areas that stand to be most badly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. 

The report by the Insititue of Fiscal Studies, published earlier today named the Island and Torbay as the two places that will feel the effects most keenly, in respect of heath, the local economy and family problems caused by the response to the pandemic.  The report also said that a second spike in infections would prove more serious in places like the Island that have so far had a relatively low infection and death rate.

Councillor Dave Stewart (pictured above) told the IW Observer : “It is a disappointing reality that the unique demographics of the Island mean we could fall in the category described. Which is even more reason for Island residents and visitors to do all they can to help keep our Island safe and avoid a second spike.

“The tremendous community commitment and compliance here on the Island has been a key factor in our relatively low numbers to date. As we open for business and encourage visitors and families from the mainland to come and visit their loved ones they must also help us to avoid a second spike by downloading the APP

“We will be monitoring the position on a frequent basis and be ready to respond accordingly.”