Aspire Ryde film premiere by Ventnor firm tells ‘human story of love’

A community group who transformed a disused church into a thriving community hub will premiere a film about its inception, purpose and the people it serves. 

The film was shot over the last year at the Aspire Ryde project which took over the former Holy Trinity Church that closed in January 2014 due to low attendance.

Directed by well-known filmmaker David George from Ventnor based Utility Films, the documentary knits together the great story behind saving this heritage building on Dover Street in Ryde.

All are welcome to the premiere on Saturday (July 28) in the main hall at Aspire Ryde from 7pm, with the film showing from 7.30pm.

The stories of personal transformation for people during the process of developing this the charity is also displayed in the film.

The Aspire project says it has revitalised the local community whilst making great new uses of the former church building.

The charity now offer a range of services and classes including prayer, music, pole dancing, bike maintenance, kung fu and bible study.

Aspire, Ryde – Credit: Heath Monaghan

A spokesman for Aspire said: “The film focused upon this journey of transformation, not just to the building, but also the human aspect of lives that have been transformed as a direct result of the Aspire Ryde project.

“It aims to show how communities can be enabled to develop and become better.”

Aspire’s founder and chief executive Heath Monaghan, said: “It’s such a privilege to do this work. I love that our local community have taken ownership of this amazing heritage asset and developed the place into a thriving community hub.

“It’s used by so many and is known to be creative in what takes place there.

“It has been a fantastic journey, being recognised for many awards are all down to the fabulous team at Aspire Ryde who every day – just simply show that they really care.

“We were thrilled when we were approached to film a documentary about our story and David has done it amazingly well – telling the human story of love and how a community is protecting the future of this important building.

“The trust that has been developed throughout the community that has developed into hope and the perseverance that has enabled things to changed.

“Everyone is welcome to attend the evening to watch this brilliant documentary that celebrates our community.”

There will be time for questions with filmmaker David George and Aspire’s chief executive and founder Heath Monaghan at around 8.15pm.

You can see a trailer of the film here