Welcome to Spring from Shalfleet Parish Council

By Chris Cornford Mar 8, 2021

Shalfleet Parish Council has delivered a surprise spring package to around 135 elderly residents who have been on their own throughout lockdown.
The bag of goodies included a potted primrose plant, homemade cupcakes, jam, a bottle of beer, biscuits, crackers, small bottle of Prosecco and an Isle of Wight tea towel.

The gifts were delivered with a Looking Forward to Spring card, which included a front cover designed by local artist, Sally Whibley, entitled ‘Early Spring – a Composition’, and signed by Steve Cowley, Chair of the Parish Council. Steve said: “We wanted to give a lift to some of our elderly residents who have been living on their own throughout this latest lockdown.
“It’s been a long cold winter and we wanted to bring a ray of sunshine to them as spring approaches.
“We’re thankful to local businesses including Southern Co-op, Freshwater, Roger Handley Fencing and Wight Materials Handling for their support in the initiative. And there is a special thank you to Jane Brett for baking the wonderful cakes.”

Delighted Sheila Davis, of Bouldnor, who lost her husband John before Christmas, said: “How wonderful and such a lovely thought. It was a complete surprise and lovely to know that the parish council is thinking of us all.”