‘There Will Be Blue Skies’ in the Medina Book Shop

Jo Cooper

On Tuesday, March 5 at 7pm, ‘There Will Be Blue Skies’ in the Medina Book Shop, on Cowes High Street, when Jo Cooper releases her latest book in her ’Sky’ series.

Following on the adventures of Lindy and Reggie, the evacuees from ‘Red Sky’ and ‘Sparkles In A Navy-Blue Sky’, we see the war affect the Island more and surviving becoming more dangerous.

Jo Cooper said: “As life carries on, Lindy concentrates on her studies and Reggie joins the scouts in an effort to be useful to the war effort. However, the blitzing of Cowes could change everything!”

Retired teacher, Margaret Prosser said: “This volume gives youngsters of today some idea of how children lived during that time, highlighting the food, the games and local events which Lindy and

Reggie became involved with. It emphasises the importance of friendship and loyalty. Well worth reading and very enjoyable.”

With illustrations by Maria Ward, the book is available from Medina Book Shop, Isle of Wight Traders, Newport, Framers, Union Street, Ryde, and from Jo on 567874 or through iow.life/jocooperbooks at a cost of £8.