Surge in Covid-19 cases on the Isle of Wight

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus on the Isle of Wight has soared to an alarming 421, Government figures have revealed.

Just 24 hours earlier it was claimed there had been only 204 cases on the Island since the outbreak began in March, but it is now believed the Government kept secret a second pillar of cases. When they were revealed earlier today (Thursday) the overall total more than doubled. It is thought the surge in cases has come because figures from home testing and drive-through testing have now been added on.

The new data means that the ratio of confirmed cases of coronavirus on the Island stands at just 297.4 per 100,000 of the resident population

The number of recorded deaths on the Island since the outbreak has reached 82, with 39 people passing away in hospital, a further 39 in care homes, one at Mountbatten Hospice and three at home.

The new figures were revealed just hours after the Isle of Wight Council reassured Island residents there had not been a surge in the virus here and there was no cause for panic.

The Isle of Wight Director of Public Health, Simon Bryant claimed there was no evidence to suggest there was no increase over and above the expected levels, adding: “I can assure residents and businesses that the Island currently has low number of cases of Covid-19 and residents should not be unduly alarmed at this cumulative data.”