See stunning photos of deer on the Isle of Wight in Chale

Stunning images have been captured of a herd of deer on the Isle of Wight on Wednesday morning (November 28).

The deer were captured in the fog on the outskirts of Chale at around 10am.

Chale resident Tim Brayford, of the Isle of Wight Deer Survey, told us more about the deer.

He said: “Those are red deer. What you’ve got there is a picture of the deer park at Chale. Those are contained by a fence.

“Deer are a part of the Island’s natural history and they have been since the last ice age.

“If you don’t have deer grazing your woodlands you lose species. Things like tawny owls. A species that has become extinct on the Island recently is the pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly. It particularly benefits from deer grazing.”

Simply lovely

Look at the nipper go
A beautiful winter sight
The herd appears well protected
There were in excess of 30 deer in the area
A stag and two hinds look into the lens
A perfect island scene