Sausages – and their owners get together

On Saturday 26 February, Richmonds Bakery in Newport hosted their first Dachshund Cafe of 2022.

Photo: Matt Rawlings

Thirty-five lucky sausage dogs enjoyed playing together, eating treats, and drinking special puppuccinnos, with no coffee involved (which can be deadly to dogs). The sausages (and their owners) even got their own photoshoot by Matt Rawlings.

Richmonds Bakery plans to hold more of the events in the future – including events for other breeds.
Imogen Bowden, owner of the bakery, said: “It was lovely to see everyone come out and enjoy themselves. We look forward to hosting more.”

The IW Observer’s own Emma Harper was there, keeping an eye over playful 1-year-old Lola She said: “We had a great time; this was mine and Lola’s first experience doing something like this. It was funny to see that although sausage dogs come in all shapes and sizes, they have similar traits. It was lovely to meet all the other owners too.”