Police say why they didn’t attend Carisbrooke’s wrecked Honda

A delivery driver’s car was all but destroyed when thieves targeted it after he parked overnight, but further public outrage came after police said they couldn’t attend the scene, and his insurance company refused to pay out.

Dave Cooley, 31, has lived on the Island his whole life and was saddened to have become the victim of crime.

On Friday evening (November 23), he parked his car in a Carisbrooke High Street car park, only to return to it the next morning to drive to work and discover that someone had smashed the window, stolen the bonnet, the nearside wing, and the nearside wing mirror.

His insurance company refused to pay out as there is no one to blame for the crime and therefore he is at fault.

Mr Cooley’s car had its window smashed, wing mirror stolen, bonnet ripped off and nearside wing taken too

Mr Cooley said: “So not only is this no longer the safe island that I was raised on, but what hope is there for victims of crimes such as this on the Island?”

Social media reactions to the original story blamed police cuts, said the insurance company was at fault and even suggested police officers may be lazy.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman explained how they deal with incidents like this, they said: “We received a report regarding a theft from a vehicle in Carisbrooke car park which happened between 5.30pm, November 23 and 7.30am, November 24.

Mr Cooley fears the Island isn’t the safe place he grew up on anymore.

“The car is a Honda. A wing mirror and the bonnet has been stolen and the driver’s door window was smashed.

“A full report was taken over the phone, as is usual with this type of incident.

“Police officers did not attend the scene.

“We prioritise our resources to deal with a range of different incidents as appropriate, this can differ depending on a number of factors including whether a crime is in progress or if there are potential forensic opportunities.

Damage to Mr Cooley’s window

“Details of incidents are taken and an assessment is made to establish if a deployment is necessary.

“If anyone has any information about the incident they can call us on 101, quoting 44180440198.”