Parish meeting called in Bembridge as fish shop saga rages on

A parish meeting has been called by parishioners in Bembridge.

Seven parishioners have called a meeting in the wake of an ongoing issue regarding the sale of 5/7 High Street in Bembridge.

The agenda is listed as: “To discuss decisions taken by the parish council, it’s performance, the parish poll and any other issues parishioners wish to raise.”

Bembridge Parish Councillor Alasdair Steane said: “For the last 18 months the parish council has ignored the views of the community expressed through petition, election pledges, and an official parish poll. Consultation on key decisions has not taken place.

“A number of concerned parishioners have now called for a parish meeting. This is not a council meeting but it is an opportunity for the community to have its say about what is going on. Hopefully there will be a big turn-out and points made in a respectful manner.”

Cllr Alasdair Steane

The parish meeting will take place on Wednesday (September 5) at 7pm in Bembridge Village Hall, High Street.

The sale of the parish council owned building has been a controversial issue in the community since a parish poll on May 29 which asked the following question: “Do you want Bembridge Parish Council (BPC) to sell 5/7 High Street – yes or no?”

The parish voted “no” overwhelmingly, with 602 votes against the sale, to 231 “yes” votes, Isle of Wight Council documents show.

Deciding against the popular vote, BPC listed the property with Gully Howard estate agents who confirmed the advertisement of 5/7 High Street on July 20 with a guide price of £185,000.

BPC own 5/7 High Street which houses public toilets, Captain Stan’s fish shop and the former BPC chambers.

MP Bob Seely has weighed in on the issue, expressing concern for the parish council’s actions.

He wrote: “I am supportive of local democracy and believe that the parish council need to justify their actions to the local community.”

Bembridge Parish Council has been asked to comment.