Paint It Pink Campaign To Deter Battery Thieves

Country Watch officers on the Isle of Wight are urging communities to ‘Paint it Pink’ as part of a crackdown on battery thefts.

A new flyer gives advice about etching your unique postcode onto any high value batteries and painting them pink.

Batteries such as those used in vehicles and for electric fences can be a popular choice for thieves, who sell them at scrapyards for their lead content.

The team is writing to scrap metal merchants today to ask them to reject and report any pink batteries offered to them.

Police Staff Investigator Melody Manning said: “Batteries are often stolen from barns, outhouses, yards and fields, as well as electric fences, temporary traffic lights, vehicles and caravans.

“Battery theft costs owners hundreds of pounds and, in some cases, can lead to livestock escaping.

“We’re urging people to paint their batteries pink to help tackle this costly crime.”