New wall not popular

The new structure (credit Paul Coueslant/Sandown Hub)

A new wall cutting through a historic stone wall has been branded ‘hideous’.

The wall is to reinstate public access between the new Broadway Centre and Christ Church in Sandown but has received a negative reaction on social media, with many Islanders branding it ‘hideous’ and ‘an eyesore’.

The new brick structure which cuts through the traditional Victorian stone church wall has reportedly cost Sandown Town Council more than £13k, with many saying it is a waste of taxpayers’ money and asking how it could have been approved as it is so out of keeping with the town’s oldest church, built in 1845.  Neil Corney joked on the Sandown Hub website that it will look brilliant once the church has new double glazing.

The Isle of Wight Observer has asked Sandown Town Council for a comment.

The wall has been called ‘an eyesore’