Isle of Wight should have two MPs says Boundary Commission

The Island could have two MPs in the future if recommendations put forward by the Boundary Commission for England are approved.

The report is separate the local government ward boundaries and suggests the Island be split into two constituencies, Isle of Wight West and Isle of Wight East.

Isle of Wight West would have 43,459 electorates, whereas Isle of Wight East would be made up of 61,989 electorates. There would be an MP in each constituency.

The planned changes to constituencies

Initial proposals had seen East Cowes and Wootton Bridge in the Isle of Wight West division but both have now been moved into the Isle of Wight East constituency.

Whippingham and Osborne will also be in Isle of Wight East.

The recommendations are now with the government and must be voted on by the Commons and Lords before a final decision is made.