Isle Last A Lifetime: Bembridge artist creates powerful plastic artwork

A Bembridge based artist has created a powerful piece of art made entirely from waste plastic found on our beautiful shores. 

Holly Maslen decided some time ago she wanted to move her art in a direction that would help the environment – as well creating aesthetically pleasing images.

Since her change in artistic direction, the artist has created a 4ft x 5ft representation of the Isle of Wight – dubbed, “Isle Last A Lifetime”.

Holly Maslen said: “I plan to keep collecting plastics and building a collection of striking images which will hopefully make people think more about the environment in which we live.

Isle Last A Lifetime by Holly Maslen

“I welcome donations of plastic collected from the beach also.

“And 10% of anything I sell with this image on will be donated to Marine Conservation.”

The work of art was finished around the same time Islanders received word they are statistically the best in the country at recycling plastic according to a special report by the BBC.

The artist and her materials – Holly Maslen

You can drop plastic off to Shibumi Gallery, Unit 5, Weavers Yard, Lane End Road, Bembridge, Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4pm.

If you want to get in touch with Holly about projects, ideas, or anything else plastics related please email her at or read more about what she’s doing at