Hovertravel give helping hands across the water

The Isle of Wight Gin Distillery is using Hovertravel to speed its Wight Wash hand sanitiser across the Solent. With the distillery using its equipment to produce the gel on an entirely not for profit basis, it has used Hovertravel’s fast freight service to supply the NHS Solent Trust.

Chris Wood, Health and Safety Manager at Hovertravel, said: “Hats off to the Isle of Wight Gin Distillery who switched production very quickly for the benefit of communities on the island and in Portsmouth.

“In a great example of Island businesses working together to support the wider community, we can get the hand sanitiser, still in very short supply across the country, to where it is needed most. As well as making sure this much in-demand product gets delivered quickly, we have also been using the gel for our staff in our terminals, helping to protect them and the key workers who need to travel with us.”