Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped raise funds for Phoebe’s Light

Last week the IOW NHS Trust’s Children’s ward celebrated reaching their target of £4800 for Phoebe’s Light.

The Accuview vein finder, nicknamed Phoebe’s Light, after a very special girl in the Children’s ward care, helps medics see difficult to find veins, reducing the need for multiple attempts at blood taking or cannulation. It makes blood tests less traumatic for all the children but especially for really poorly ones.

Having witnessed how the vein finder would help first hand, Phoebe’s family headed the fundraising efforts with dad Peter being sponsored for the three peak challenge.

They were joined by friends and family and challenges were set! First by Kirsty for running every day for a month and then Becky’s social distancing fundraiser online during lockdown.

As news spread the fundraising gained momentum with generous donations from the public and organisations added to the pot.

Dionne Davies, Play Specialist said: “We are so happy to be able to purchase Phoebe’s Light. The vein finder will make such a difference to all children who have to have their bloods taken or medication given.

“It’s isn’t nice for any child or their parents to watch them being poked and prodded, this will cause much less discomfort for all.

“We are overwhelmed with the support shown to the children’s ward and we cannot thank everyone for raising or contributing the funds enough, we also got to purchase a trolley stand too. Thank you”

Phoebe’s parents, Peter and Hollie said: “Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Phoebes Light.

“You can’t imagine how much it means to us to know that when Phoebe goes into hospital again that this piece of equipment will be there for her and all the other children on the island.

“Thank you so so much”

Phoebe’s birthday is this month and the family are very kindly requesting donations to the fund instead of presents.