Ferry operator signed-up to Age Friendly Island Charter

Kevin George (Chairman) with Carole Harding (Red Funnel’s Age Friendly Island Champion)

Red Funnel has signed-up to Age Friendly Island’s Charter at a professionals event held at the Lakeside Hotel in Wootton Bridge on 6th June 2018.

Kevin George (Chairman) with Carole Harding (Red Funnel’s Age Friendly Island Champion)

The new Charter outlines the cross-Solent ferry operator’s support for older people to help make the Isle of Wight a great place to grow old. Red Funnel recognises that the Island has a disproportionally higher number of older residents with valuable life skills and experience to offer society and is therefore committed to engaging with the Community Partnership to promote an Age Friendly Island in all aspects of life. The company is committed to ensure older people: –

• have access to the same opportunities;
• their experience and skills are appreciated;
• they can be confident that their views and opinions are both valued and respected;
• they have access to a range of services to enable them to lead fulfilling lives and
• they are able to influence and shape decisions which affect their lives.

Red Funnel has been working with Age Friendly Island for some time with a focus on training front line staff to understand the needs of older travellers. It has also partnered with Learning Links to help mentor older people who are seeking full or part time employment.

Red Funnel also plans more Tea on the Sea events to help elderly people regain their confidence to travel across the Solent to visit friends or family, go on holiday or gain access to healthcare services on the mainland. The next event will be held in October as part of Age Awareness Week.

Kevin George, Red Funnel’s Chairman commented “Our new Age Friendly Island Charter will help ensure Red Funnel always provides products and services which accommodate the needs of older people. This includes training our front line teams to appreciate the needs of travellers who are less mobile or unable to hear or see as well as they once could. The Isle of Wight is a great place to live and our commitment to this Charter will hopefully give older people the confidence and reassurance they sometimes need to journey across the Solent.”