Faith in humanity restored as man helped after fall

David Sibbick, a 79 year old man from Newport who tripped over a road sign, wants to send his thanks and appreciation to the kind, young people who stopped to help him.

Passing Prospect Road towards Furlongs at around 3pm on Wednesday this week, David fell to the ground after a HSS road sign was ‘laying flat’ in the middle of the pavement causing him to trip. Two 17-year-old girls saw the incident and rushed over to help him. They immediately called the ambulance, only to be told they’d have to wait two hours before it would arrive as they had to prioritise.

The road sign after it was picked up and put against the fence.

A young man was informed of the incident and drove a car to the injured pensioner, where another man helped David get up and into the vehicle. The two teenagers, one believed to be from Freshwater and the other Newport, called a hairdressers in Nodes Hill where David said his wife was, and were able to contact her and said they would stay with him at the hospital until she arrived. Left with black eyes and bruises, David is thankfully okay, on the mend and extremely grateful for the kindness of these young people.

A cone was put in front of the road sign the following day.