Epic journey for eagle

Photo credit: Google Images

One of the white-tailed sea eagles released on the Island last month decamped to Kent this week, flying over London on the lookout a new home. Six of the majestic birds were released on August 22 and while five are known to still be on the Island a male G3-22, affectionately known as Culver, decided to head further afield.

All of the birds are equipped with a £1,200 satellite tracker which transmits their location once every three minutes, giving the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation working to reintroduce the birds to the South Coast, accurate and detailed insights into their movements.

Culver is a male from the North of the Isle of Skye, and his recent travels have included flying over the New Forest towards Winchester, then back down to Southampton. He then ventured across Sussex and Surrey and avoided Heathrow by diverting over Central London, flying directly above Big Ben at an altitude of 705m.

He then followed the Thames east, and spent a night in Essex on the North Sea coast just north of the mouth of the Thames Estuary. Setting off the next morning he travelled almost 100km down to the South Coast near Rye. It remains to be seen whether he will return to the Island.

You can follow Culver’s adventures and keep up-to-date on the progress of the five other white-tailed eagles at www.roydennis.org