Coronavirus present in nearly one in four care homes on the Isle of Wight

CORONAVIRUS is present in nearly one in four care homes on the Isle of Wight.

Latest figures from Public Health England confirm 17 homes on the Island out of 75 (23 per cent)  are reporting a suspected or confirmed outbreak of Covid-19.

Since March 31, a steady number of care homes have been confirming the virus has reached them.

In the week beginning, April 14, nine further care homes reported the virus, more than doubling the previously recorded six.

However, only two care homes last week showed signs of, or confirmed the disease.

Data from the Office for National Statistics found two people had died in care homes on the Island due to Covid-19 and a third of coronavirus-related deaths in the country were now being reported at care homes.

Earlier this week, health secretary, Matt Hancock, said those working and living in care homes will be eligible to be tested, even if they are not showing symptoms.

People over the age of 70 and those with underlying health conditions are some of the most vulnerable to contracting the virus and were told quickly by the government of the need to self-isolate, with the NHS sending letters to those who needed to.