Bungling MP’s geography blunder


On a visit to speak with parents of the Polish Saturday school based in the Priory school, Whippingham on December 1, Bob Seely MP was questioned about the feasibility of a fixed link to the mainland.

According to the Isle of Wight member of parliament, the government could only possibly finance such a link, were the population of the Island to reach half-amillion, and Mr Seely then asked, “who would want to concrete over the north and east of the Island?”

When it was pointed out to him that there are a number of tunnels linking the Faroe Islands which has a population of around fifty thousand he replied that these tunnels had been paid for through European Union social funds, and that the United Kingdom was leaving the EU.

Mr Seely, however, needs to brush up on his geography, as the Faroe Islands lie outside the European Union, meaning that the Faroe Islanders with a total population far less than that of the Isle of Wight had succeeded in financing a number of fixed links between their islands by themselves