Beach hut price rise to bring leaseholder benefits

Beach hut price rises could be phased in over a longer period and owners given even more lease benefits than originally proposed.

The Isle of Wight Council has revised its new, fairer pricing structure for beach hut rent, based on feedback received after the review was announced in May.

The proposed phased price increase has been extended from three to five years and options for single leases with multiple people and the ability to sublet huts have been added.

Council leader Councillor Dave Stewart said: “This review remedies some of the anomalies that have developed around beach hut rents over a number of years.

“The new rents provide a fairer system for owners of different sized huts and are more in keeping with other areas.

Beach huts stock image


“Our current rental value is around 85p a day, when on the mainland it’s up to five times that.

“The rental income we receive from these sites help us support other council services, so it’s important we’re more in line with the market value.

“We’ve listened to those beach hut owners who have contacted us since the review was announced and we believe these additional measures would provide a fairer way of implementing the change.”

The original benefits of the new arrangements, including extending the lease period to ten years, would still stand.

The review includes beach huts at Appley, Puckpool, Gurnard, Old Littlestairs, Dunroamin and Colwell Bay.

The price increases, if approved, would not start until next April.

Councillor Stuart Hutchinson, cabinet member for finance, will make a decision under delegated powers after October 29.