Artwork seeking homes on walls

By Chris Cornford May 9, 2021

The owners of a house in East Cowes have had their lighthouse mural extended during lockdown.
Bob and Judy Spendley live in Trinity Cottage, next door to the Ship and Castle pub, in Castle Street. Three years ago, they were speaking to part-time barman Daev Walsh who was working there.

Bob said: “We wanted to brighten up the house and the street and Daev said that he could paint something on it.
“We live opposite what used to be Trinity House, where the lifeboats were moored and repaired, and our house is called Trinity Cottage. So, first of all, we thought of a lifeboat but then we decided on a lighthouse.”
Daev is a local artist who has found lockdown difficult, but his work has inspired others including local councillors Tracy Reardon and Karl Love who were invited to meet him and consider other projects for brightening the town.
However, with the latest lockdown, Bob and Judy thought a refresh was needed supporting Daev’s work and talents.
Bob added: “The lighthouse was stuck up in the middle of the air, so I asked Daev if he could do something to fill in all the gaps around it. He showed me a sketch of some cliffs and it just expanded from there.

“It now covers the whole of the side of the house and includes an arch and hallway. It looks great and everyone seems to like it. As you drive off the floating bridge and come down Castle Street, it’s the first thing you see!
“I think it’s a really good idea and just down the road there is a cat painted on the wall of the funeral directors. It just brightens the place up and is a bit of a landmark.”
Tracy and Karl, along with Sharon Lake, who is organising the East Cowes Esplanade and Landscape Community Project, all support the initiative.
They said: “Lockdown has been a difficult time for many including our artists and musicians. We want to do our best to support our local recovery and, with the right art in the right place, it can help lift the spirit of East Cowes.

“We are looking for some large walls where we could really make a difference by placing some tasteful art which would brighten the mood to create a lasting impression for visitors.
“The art has to be tasteful and meaningful in some way to the community.”
Daev can be contacted at: or look up