Salvation Army ‘deplores’ actions of ex-soldier Roy Williams

A Christian organisation has spoken out on the disgusting actions of ex-Salvation Army member, Roy Williams.

Williams, 53, was convicted for attempting to have sex with a child in the US and was given 10 years behind bars on Thursday (July 26).

A Salvation Army spokesperson said: “We deplore the behaviour of former member Roy Williams, our thoughts are firmly with the people impacted by his actions.”

Roy Anthony Williams, from Newport, travelled to Tennessee, USA to have sex with a minor and attempted to persuade the minor to have sex with him.

Williams was responsible for organising the Christmas dinners for the Salvation Army on the Island.

Roy Williams – Credit: Knox County Jail

He was removed from Salvation Army membership in August of last year when his charges came to light.

He was caught when the mother of his victim found text messages from him, according to Lenoir City Police.