Sailing Club rallies round to aid hurricane victims

Cowes Sailing Club stalwarts Dave and Sarah Ross are currently based in the Bahamas, and suffered at first hand the terror wrought by Hurricane Dorian. However, their experience was nothing compared with the horror and total loss of those less fortunate all around them.

In particular, the Grand Bahama Children’s Home, with which Sarah and Dave are involved was completely gutted, with the loss of all facilities, equipment and the children’s possessions.

Dave wrote: “We have been at the children’s home. Everything, and I mean everything, is lost. It is heart-breaking pulling these young people’s lives out of the buildings. These are kids that had very little to start off with. Now they have nothing. Words can’t describe it.”

Funds to repair are particularly urgent as the storm made many more children homeless. When the pair reported this situation to colleagues back at Cowes Corinthian, the Club’s social team swung into action, organising at very short notice a fundraising day. Sailors, members and guests turned out in large numbers to support, all proceeds from food and bar sales and the raffle of generously-donated prizes being earmarked for the children’s home refit.

Over £1,400 was raised on the day and at the time of writing donations to the refit fund continue to pour in. Donations can be accepted by credit card, BACS or cheque by contacting the Club on (01983) 296333.