Parish project promotes people, past and platform

By Chris Cornford Mar 1, 2021

The St Helens Heritage Trail project, funded by Down to the Coast, is nearing completion following delays caused by the pandemic. The trail includes details of historic events, famous residents and local characters, and remembers the part the local railway played in the village.

Parish chairman, John Coleman, said: “We were working with the local school, church and historical association, when the pandemic frustrated plans, but hopefully we can launch the initiative in the coming months. We appreciate the support given by Down to the Coast and the local residents who have helped with the project.”
Deputy chairman, Joost Spit, added: “The Brading-Bembridge branch line had major influences on the local area, and also linked with the Duver, and the marine industry, especially during the war.”

The project also includes reference to the local fort, local sports, such as the golf course, and the episodes of Dr Who were filmed nearby