Green protest blocks traffic in Newport

Around a hundred noisy and colourful green protestors, led by Green Party candidate Vix Lowthion, blocked traffic in Newport on Saturday afternoon (January 12) to protest against climate change which will apparently lead to mass extinction on our planet.

Proclaiming that we have just “twelve years to save the planet” the protestors marched around St Thomas’s Square, then down the High Street, before blocking traffic at the busy Coppins Bridge roundabout.

There were a few heated exchanges with motorists stuck behind the protestors, who didn’t respond positively to the idea that that they shouldn’t be polluting the planet by driving their vehicles.

The aim of the Extinction Rebellion, of which yesterday’s protest was a part, is to: “encourage a citizen’s uprising involving low level and high-risk acts of civil disobedience.”

The protest ended with a letter of protest being handed in to the Isle of Wight Council, calling on the council to help end global warming.