Cowes Mens Shed GIVE free tables

By Chris Cornford Feb 24, 2021

Storeroom2010’s Cowes Men’s Shed have teamed up with the Green Island Veg Economy (GIVE) Facebook group to give a selection of tables of varying size, made by the members of Cowes Men’s Shed, to participating GIVE members wanting to share their produce this spring.

Through the GIVE Facebook group, excess plants and seedlings are made available by Islanders wishing to help others to grow their own and then share their surplus produce with others. It is a place to share knowledge, tips, advice and photos. It is hoped that this year hundreds, if not thousands, of Islanders will grow their own and share their home-grown crops by leaving them in their front garden for others to collect for free.

Many new gardeners have been encouraged by both Cowes Men’s Shed and GIVE to engage in gardening during the pandemic, appreciating the therapeutic qualities it offers. Cowes Men’s Shed are continuing their outreach programme to support the Island’s community during lockdown and continue to welcome men and women.
Anyone wishing to find out more about Cowes Men’s Shed can find them on social media or call Adam on 209734, Mon-Fri between 10am and 3 pm.