Rew Valley FC needs your support as rent doubled

The Rew Valley Youth FC has seen it’s pitch rent doubled by the Island Free School. 

The Upper Ventnor-based club’s pitches and training sessions have been held on the school fields and AstroTurf owned by The Island Free School for years.

Sadly over recent years the costs to hire out the AstroTurf for the winter months has been rising.

Last year they paid £3400 during the winter, a cost they struggled greatly with.

This year they have been told the costs have risen again, this time to an estimated £6000.

Rew Valley needs your support

A spokesman for the club said: “Unfortunately, the time has come now where we can no longer sustain paying that amount for winter training and we’ve had to make the very difficult decision to find somewhere else for our 122 boys and girls to train and play matches.

“It is hugely difficult finding facilities for our teenage players due to the space and the lighting needed and that is where the most help is needed now.

“We have been deeply saddened by The Island Free School’s decision to raise prices again and the effect it has had on our club.”

The club say they feel really let down by school and added: “The raising of costs for the facilities we have used for so many years until the point where our local children, mainly boys, have been forced to leave feels like an attack on the very target group the school claimed to be aiming at.”

The club has come to the decision to raise money for their own lighting at Ventnor Football Club so they can train adults and children there instead. However they need help with the cost of lighting, and fast, as the nights are drawing in and they could have to suspend training.

The club has started a crowdfunding page at:

The Mill Bay have also offered to hold a fundraising quiz night for their cause.