December 1, 2023

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Ramblers express concerns about new Island Coast Path

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Barton Manor

Isle of Wight Ramblers has expressed concern at the length of time negotiations are taking regarding the new Island Coast Path which is gradually being implemented around the Island.

A spokesman said: “Natural England published reports for sections 2-10 in April 2020. They have not yet published a report for section 1 which is the East Cowes to Wootton route.

“Landowners can object to proposals during an eight-week consultation process and user groups are also allowed to comment on the route.

“Isle of Wight Ramblers understand that Natural England intends to publish a route which circumvents the Osborne and Barton estates. This would involve a 5km (3 miles) diversion away from the coast with 1.5km (0.9 miles) of walking on the main road.

There appear to be concerns raised by landowners south of Osborne. Our concerns are detailed on our website;

“We know that there are considerable economic and health impacts of walking on coastal paths. The benefits to residents and tourists will be significant. We do feel strongly that the residents of East Cowes deserve to have their first Right of Way to the countryside.

“The Osborne estate was given to the nation by Edward VII on his coronation day in 1902. It is only right that a National Trail should follow a short section of the coast at Osborne Bay.

“We are concerned by the length of time that negotiations are taking. The report should be issued now showing a truly coastal route.”

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